OpeniNG Hours

THURSDAY: 10 - 17

FRIDAY: 10 - 18

SATURDAY: 11 - 15

Thursday 23.05.19, 9.00am -10.00

· Texture and taste, Flavour and form ·

Transforming an objective, a theme, a thought into texture and taste, flavour and form bringing people together.
Curator Natalia Sanchez tells the DAWN story, foodartist Augusta Sørensen sets the scene.
By invitation only.

Friday 24.05.19, 4.00pm - 4.30pm

· talk - ‘the power of light’ ·

'The Power of Light' by Sofie Refer, Creative Director and designer, Nuura.
Lighting as a powerful element to create successful interior decorations
- 'Light has a significant impact on our wellbeing, and is essential both as a functional and decorative element.'

Friday 24.05.19, 5pm - 9pm

· From dawn to dusk ·

Join us for drinks, music and conversation celebrating inspiring new creations, acts of transformation and a fresh way of thinking.