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The colorful universe of Nomad Workspace will be transformed into an artistic and creative design exhibition during 3DaysOfDesign in Copenhagen. Situated in the grand and historical surroundings, 30 talents will show their works and designs.  The DAWN Exhibition is established and curated by Spatial Code and Who’s Agency as an aspiration to let emerging artists and designers as well as established brandstell their visual story.


“DAWN is the beginning of a new day – a tribute to new design, new ideas, new life and creative development. I believe that physical space is a balance of mood, identity and function. In my work, I rely equally on intuition, emotions, plans and logic. I listen and feel with the desire to translate into strong concepts and concrete interior solutions with an emotional effect. DAWN is no different, the exhibition must be seen, felt and sensed. The overall experience is crucial”

Founder and curator Natalia Sanchez. 

Derived from the urge to create as well as the desire to support new design and entrepreneurship, DAWN exhibition will be carefully curated, showing the diversity of design, talents, and trends. The interaction between the different creative expressions creates a unique experience where each design appears in a vibrant and inspiring context.

During DAWN Exhibition it will be possible to experience established brands such as Stellar Works, Friends & Founders, Matteo Brioni and Kristina Dam in company with newer design companies like Nuura Lighting, &drape, Noorstad and Lisette Rützou among others. Helle Mardahl launches the new collection ‘Cherry on Top’, Poppykalas presents her collaboration with the Swedish brand Layered and Ursula Nistrup shows her new silk works created in collaboration with clothing designer Lotte Henriksen. A fine and elegant interaction between art and design.    

To us DAWN is a committed initiative with the purpose of making room for strong ideas and focus on today’s talents and future icons. We are very excited to present an aesthetic storytelling that unites individuals, artists, craftsmen, designers and business men and women, who share a similar passion for design, craft, history and opportunities” – Founder Sandra Vinther

Aiming to show and celebrate new life, DAWN collaborates with Art and Design School Krabbesholm who is presented among the exhibitors this year. From the abstract concept of time, the students have prepared an aesthetic interpretation and visualization of the concept. Krabbesholm’s artistic contribution to DAWN is called ‘The Time Is Now’. 

Nomad_0231 2.jpg

The exhibition takes place at Nomad Workspace – a professional workspace driven by positive energy, development and commitment. Nomad Workspace’s philosophy is to celebrate and promote creativity, innovation and commitment.